This is a story of a world, not so far from ours, in which two races try to live together : humans and aeons. While humans are the product of evolution, aeons come from the magical energy emanating from nature, mana.

Long ago, a cataclysm without precedent divided humans and aeons, who lived in peace in olden times. They waged a violent war against each other for decades, but today, only ruins bear witness of that tragic era.

While peaceful coexistence between the two races is still shy and delicate, a new disruption is brewing up.

That’s… an aeon story.

But uh, first thing first. How did you end up getting stuck with that very annoying aeon, again…?

An aeon ?

Aeons have their own distinctive sensitivity and love nature above all. They are always born of a combination of two elementary essences, whereas humans possess a soul. Essences are made of pure mana, and come in a lot of variety : some very common, like fire, water or air, and some more exotic.

The dominant essence of an aeon is the essence that will be expressed at the forefront. It determines the aeon’s mana type and abilities.

The dormant essence is the latent essence of an aeon. This one doesn’t show in a noticeable way. The dormant essence kind of plays the role of the subconscious and is absolutely necessary to the mental balance and the mana power of an aeon.

In summary, the dominant essence is the one on stage and the dormant essence is backstage. Like yin and yang, the two essences are complementary and need each other.

In practice, it is impossible to figure out the dormant essence of an aeon while alive : it will only reveal itself at death.

A baby aeon is born by the blending of the elementary essences of two aeons. Thus, unlike animals and humans, aeons appear to have no definite gender. They are defined by their dominant essence, since the dormant one can’t be guessed.

As for what’s left? They’re not so different from human beings. But the cultural differences between the two races are huge and often lead to mutual lack of comprehension.

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About the game

The story of aeons and humans is a world I created and I care about. As I play videogames since my earliest childhood, this is the medium I’ve chosen to tell this story. I’ve made the decision to learn C sharp and Unity to create, one day, a true game that will hopefully make justice to that story.
Meanwhile, I’ve trained myself by doing a demo that will be released soon!